Acerina Cecile was founded in Spain as a footwear brand of versatile styles that do not intend to follow fashion trends, they are instead heavily inspired by the Founder and Creative Director’s, Ana Escudero, roots in the Canary Islands.


Wanting to design and create footwear for the contemporary woman, the brand unifies casual with elegant, resulting in an aesthetic that combines innovative elements with a more classic taste that never goes out of style. The brand identifies with femininity and sophistication but at the same time with a relaxed but elegant style that makes reference to a more innate and effortless style that we all have within us.

With delicate detailing thought for every woman and its unique personality, Acerina Cecile takes a step back as we intend to give back value to design, originality and quality in a society where quantity and fast-fashion take precedence. Every product is made by hand, they are feminine and wearable, simple but different. Acerina Cecile embodies the chance to wear and style clothes and accessories in the way that better identify you, creating perfectly imperfect combinations that suit your own character, your own and unique identity.

Acerina Cecile walks with you, it is that talisman that acompanies you in all your life experiences.


Behind every Acerina Cecile design stands the creative mind of Ana Escudero. Spanish born is the Canary Islands, after studying in other areas of Art and Design she crosses paths with the small but at the same time big world of footwear. As an art enthusiast in all of its forms, she discovers the beauty of an object so simple but yet with infinite creative possibilities, and it is then that she decides to venture herself in creating a brand that is very much linked to her roots. It is in that process that she discovers the intrinsic value in fashion and accessories: they are objects capable of revealing a woman’s personality and emotions without need for words.

Size Conversion Guide

Please note, this is an approximate size conversion guide. At Acerina Cecile we use European shoe sizes.

34 35 1 4
35 36 2 5
36 37 3 6
37 38 4 7
38 39 5 8
39 40 6 9
40 41 7 10
41 42 8 11